Relationship between members and J-Junction

  • J-Junction provides services through J-Junction Singles (JJS) and J-Junction Networking (JJN) introducing J-Junction members to each other in an attempt to create successful connections between members (the Services).
  •  In order to perform this service, J-Junction collects personal information from its members.
  • J-Junction, whether by its employees, matchmakers or otherwise, does not act as agent in relation to its members and merely attempts to facilitate meetings between the members.


  • By registering with JJS and/or JJN, the applicant agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions and any other notices that and disclaimers displayed on the J-Junction website or elsewhere, relating to membership and / or use of the J-Junction services. 
  •  J-Junction reserves the right to make additions and/or amendments to these terms and conditions of membership. Notice of any addition and/or amendment shall be given to members of JJS and JJN by posting the same on J-Junction’s website and will take effect immediately upon posting the same on the J-Junction website.
  • The members of JJS and/or JJN are responsible for ensuring that they regularly reviews the terms and conditions of JJS and/or JJN, as the case may be, in order to ensure that the member is aware of any changes made to the terms and conditions.
  • If at any time a member elects not to accept any of the terms and conditions of use, the member must terminate its membership of JJS and/or JJN by notice in writing by letter, facsimile or email. Such notice is to be sent to the contact address provided for J-Junction on the J-Junction website.
  • Before being accepted as a member of JJS and/or JJN, each applicant is required to complete a questionnaire. It is the applicant’s responsibility for ensuring that the questionnaire has been completed and submitted to J-Junction.
  • An applicant will not become a member of JJS and/or JJN until the completed questionnaire has been submitted and is notified by J-Junction that it has been accepted as a member.
  • Each applicant acknowledges that it is entirely within J-Junction’s discretion to accept an application for membership. J-Junction may choose not to accept an application for membership for any reason whatsoever and is not required to provide reasons to the applicant for its decision.
  • J-Junction may terminate a member’s membership without notice at any time and for any reason whatsoever. Should J-Junction choose to terminate a member’s membership, J-Junction is not required to provide the member with reasons for its decision to terminate.

Age of Members

  • All members of JJS and/or JJN must be at least 18 years of age. By registering with JJS and/or JJN, the member represents that the member is 18 years of age or older.

Accurate Information

  • In the case of JJS, the applicant acknowledges that at the time of applying for membership to JJS, the applicant’s relationship status is one of the following:
    • single;
    • widowed;
    • divorced; or
    • legally separated.
  • Should there be any change to the JJS applicant’s or JJS member’s relationship status, the JJS applicant or JJS member is to immediately inform J-Junction in writing of this change in status.
  • If a JJS member has failed to inform J-Junction of the change in status and is approached by J-Junction to meet another JJS member, the JJS member is to inform J-Junction of the change in its status at that point. The member acknowledges that it is not to continue to use the JJS services unless the JJS member’s relationship is reflected by one of the descriptions of status above.
  • Each applicant and member acknowledges that all personal information and details provided by him or her to J-Junction is accurate and true, whether the information was provided by way of questionnaire, through ad hoc requests for information or otherwise. It is a fundamental condition of membership that all personal information provided to J-Junction by its members is true and accurate.
  • If the details of a member’s personal information changes, the member must immediately inform J-Junction of this change.
  • Whilst J-Junction strives to ensure that all information it contains about its applicants and members is accurate and true, J-Junction does not make any representations regarding the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information that it stores and communicates regarding its members.
  • J-Junction is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of reliance on this information and each applicant and member releases J-Junction from any liability that may arise from the provision of or the reliance on any such information.

Code of Conduct

  • The members of JJS and/or JJN are required to abide by a code of conduct. By applying for membership to JJS and/or JJN, the applicant agrees that he or she will abide by the J-Junction code of conduct throughout the period of his or her membership.
  • The member is not transmit content to any other member, whether by letter, email, telephone, sms or otherwise that:
    • is unlawful;
    • is obscene;
    • is defamatory;
    • is indecent, offensive or inappropriate;
    • is false or misleading;
    • infringes the rights of any third party; or
    • the member does not have the right to make available by reason of a contractual obligation.
  • Each member is personally responsible for the content that he or she transmits and acknowledges that J-Junction is not responsible for any content transmitted by its members.
  • Each applicant and member releases J-Junction from any liability that may arise from the transmission of content by its members.
  • Members of JJS and/or JJN must not engage in conduct towards other members that:
  • has the effect of defaming, abusing, threatening, harassing or stalking other members of JJS and/or JJN;
    • promotes illegal activities;
    • promotes racism, bigotry, hatred, harassment or harm against any group or individual(offensive conduct).
  • The member acknowledges that “harassing” includes continuing to contact or attempting to contact another member after being told by J-Junction or the other member to cease contact.
  • Should J-Junction be made aware that any member engaged in offensive conduct, J-Junction is at liberty to immediately terminate the offending member’s membership.
  • J-Junction may record and store any information relating to any complaint made against a member by another member of JJS and/or JJN or employee or matchmaker of J-Junction.
  • J-Junction may report offensive conduct or allegations of offensive conduct to the police or any other authority if it believes that it is under a legal and or moral duty to do so. However, unless required by law to do so, J-Junction is not under a duty to report allegations of offensive conduct to the police or any other authority.
  • Any member accused of engaging in offensive conduct agrees to indemnify J-Junction for any liability for loss or damage suffered by J-Junction, including costs and expenses incurred by J-Junction in dealing with any complaint.
  • The members agree to hold J-Junction blameless for any loss or damage that that may arise by reason of the offensive conduct or any other the actions of a member/s of JJS and/or JJN.

Use of Personal Information

  • The member agrees to allow J-Junction (by its employees, matchmakers or other representatives) to use his or her personal information in order to perform the Services.
  •  The member consents to the use, communication or transmission of his or her personal details to other employees, matchmakers or Board members of J-Junction if the use, communication or transmission of such information is:
    • required in order to enable the performance of the Services;
    • required in order to enable the proper operation of J-Junction; or
    • required by law.
  • Each JJS member consents to the communication or transmission of limited personal details about the JJS member by J-Junction to other JJS members. J-Junction will not communicate a JJS member’s last name to another JJS member without the express prior consent of the JJS member at the relevant time.


  • These conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales.