Why should I try speed dating?

Speed dating is a great way to meet up to 12 potential dates on the same night, in a fun, relaxed environment.  

How is JJunction speed dating different?

At our speed dating we hand pick the guests for each event and this means 80% or more of our guests meet someone they want to see again.  We believe that’s a speed dating industry record!

Will there be a large age difference between the participants?

We make sure that the age difference is appropriate and we can do this because our professional matchmakers put together the groups for each event and invite people we think will be a good mix. We work to an age range formula that works for our guests.

Do you have to be a JJunction member to attend?

Not at all!  We encourage people who aren’t JJunction members to attend so that we get a good mix of members and non-members at each event.

If I am a JJunction member will I just meet the same people I meet through my matchmaker?

No, if you are a JJunction member already there is a very good chance you wouldn’t have already met the other guests via our online database. We make every effort to make sure that the guest list combines a mix of JJunction members and non-members.

How does it work?

When you arrive, you will be given a nametag and dating card. You will then have a few minutes to get a drink and settle in. When we are ready to start everyone will be asked to find their table. We have friendly hosts who will answer questions, help you find your table, and make the evening a relaxed experience.

Your table number is listed next to your name on the dating card.  The girls sit at the same table for the whole evening and the guys move between tables.

You get six minutes to chat with a date before the bell rings and guys move to the next table.  Everyone has a card with the names of the people they will meet; in the order they will meet them.  Everyone also has a name badge that they wear throughout the evening.

On the top half of the card you circle the names of the people you would like to see again.  You can make reminder notes for yourself on the bottom half of the card.  At the end of the evening, you tear off the bottom half of the card with your notes to keep and give the top half to one of the hosts.

Within 48 hours you will receive an email with the names and phone numbers of your mutual matches.  You can then call and make plans to meet up again.

What is a mutual match?

A mutual match means that both the girl and the guy have indicated that they would like to exchange contact details.

Does everyone get a match?

80-85% of all guests have a mutual match and often several mutual matches.

How successful is JJunction speed dating?

We have two engagements and one wedding and quite a few long-term couples from speed dating and they are just the ones we know about!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, just make sure that your friend has been booked in to the event and you let us know that you want to come together because not everyone who registers gets an invitation to every speed dating event.

Can I just turn up on the night if I can make it?

Because we have equal numbers of guys and girls we can’t accommodate extra people on the night. Please don’t ever just turn up to a speed dating event. Only guests who are sent a unique payment link from our organisers and who have pre-paid will be on the guest list. Unfortunately anyone else will not be able to take part.

Will I feel awkward if I attend on my own?

Absolutely not! We have lovely, friendly, hosts to chat to participants before, during and after the event to make everyone feel welcome.

There isn’t a long time in between the arrival of the guests and the start of the evening. As soon as everyone has arrived we ask everyone to take their seats and the speed dating begins

Sometimes I think I’ve met everyone in the community – will I meet new people at your speed dating? 

We try very hard to achieve a mix of different people; they may or may not be JJunction members. They may be active in the community or not affiliated at all. The thing all guests have in common is that they are single, looking to meet someone and are open to give speed dating a go.

We don’t know who you may have previously met, however can we share a speed dating story?  A girl arrived at our speed dating, took a look at the guys and said, “Out of 13 guys here, I’ve already met 10 of them”.  However, she received 5 mutual matches!  We think that’s a great story and a reminder not to discount anyone you’ve previously met, after you’ve chatted with them for a few minutes one on one, you may realise you do have a connection! Speed dating more often than not brings out another side to someone’s personality. There is the story of the girl who said she knew 10 of the 13 guys at her speed dating event and then had five mutual matches by the end of the night. Sometimes you might think you know someone but until you sit and chat to them one-on-one, you really don’t know them at all.

How do I register for JJunction Speed Dating?

Just click on the Register button and fill in your details.  When we organise a speed dating event that is suitable for you, we will email you a personal invitation and a unique payment link.  You can choose to attend or not, but an early response is essential as our events are popular and the limited spaces fill up fast.

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