Pull Up a Chair FAQ’s

Why should I try Pull Up A Chair?

Pull Up A Chair is a great way to meet a group of single people in a fun, relaxed environment.  

 What is the idea behind the JJunction Pull Up A Chair dinners?

At our Pull Up A Chair dinners we ask the host to invite some single people they know then brief us on those guests so we can hand pick additional guests who the matchmakers think will be socially compatible. These dinners are designed for singles to meet and to expand their social network.

Will there be a large age difference between the participants?

We make sure that the age difference is appropriate and we can do this because our professional matchmakers put together the groups for each event and invite people we think will be a good mix. We work to an age range formula that works for our guests.

Do you have to be a JJunction member to attend?

Not at all!  We encourage people who aren’t JJunction members to attend so that we get a good mix of members and non-members at each event.

If I am a JJunction member will I just meet the same people I meet through my matchmaker?

No, if you are a JJunction member already there is a very good chance you wouldn’t have already met the other guests via our online database. We make every effort to make sure that the guest list combines a mix of JJunction members and non-members.

How does it work? For Guests

When you register as a guest we allocate you to a host who has indicated to us that they have invited people we think you’d enjoy meeting.  We send your name and phone number to the host and send you a text or an email with your host’s name to confirm your place. At this time we will require that you accept the invitation and confirm that you will be attending

Closer to the date of the dinner you will either get another text or email from the team at JJunction or a call or text from your host.  This time you will be advised of the time of the dinner and the location.

If for any reason you cannot attend please give us and your hosts as much notice as possible The groups are carefully chosen and when someone pulls out it upsets the balance of the group so giving us the chance to fill your spot is appreciated.

Should I take something to my host?

There is no charge for guests. At some dinners your host will request that you make something and bring a dish to contribute to the dinner.  If you are not comfortable doing this please let us know in advance or ask the host if you can buy something; a cake, some wine or chocolates.  Just remember to check if your hosts are kosher. If the host doesn’t ask you to bring something then it is your choice but a small gift is always appropriate, again please check if your host is kosher or take something that’s not edible.

How does it work? For Hosts

Our hosts are our most precious assets.  Without hosts we couldn’t continue with this wonderful project.  Hosts invite people they know and then nominate how many guests they would like us to send to them.  Sometimes a host will invite all singles, however, it is quite appropriate to invite families. It might be a single mum or dad with adult single kids or single mum or dad with younger children.  Whatever your guest list we can provide the appropriate guests to fill your table.

Once you have registered as a host we will call you to make sure that you are able to host for a certain date. When we have a list of guests for you we will send you their names, ages and phone numbers and ask you to confirm the list before we contact them to advise them who their host will be.  It is then up to you to decide if you wish to make contact with your guests to personally invite them or if you would prefer we get in touch with them to give them your address and the start time.

We highly recommend serving the courses in a buffet style which means the guests will be getting up and mixing. It gives everyone the chance to get to know all the guests at the table.  Another way to achieve the same result is to have everyone move at the end of each course.

We suggest that the hosts go ahead and do their usual Friday night rituals.  For some that’s lighting the Shabbat candles and making the blessings over the wine and the challah, for others it’s the prayers before and after the meal and still others may sing all the traditional Shabbat songs as well as the prayers.  Whatever you normally do is what you should do on the night.  Your guests are there to share in your traditional Friday night.

 Is every guest specifically matched at a Pull Up A Chair dinner?

Our aim at the Pull Up A Chair dinners is to put together a socially compatible group of people.  As we include both JJunction members and non JJunction members it’s not the same as our one-on-one matchmaking service. Not every guest at the dinner will be specifically matched with someone else. It’s more organic and relaxed than that with plenty of scope for the guests to make new friends, expand their social networks or for some meet their match.

How successful is JJunction Pull Up A Chair?

We’ve had plenty of dates come out of our Pull Up A Chair dinners and a few couples dating.  We’ll be back to update this answer from time to time as we fully expect there will be Pull Up A Chair long term couples, engagements, marriages and hopefully more than a few PUAC babies in the years to come.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, just make sure that your friend has registerd for the same dinners you have and you let us know that you want to come together because not everyone who registers gets an invitation to every Pull Up A Chair event.

Can I just turn up on the night if I can make it?

No we can’t accommodate extra people on the night. Please don’t ever just turn up to a Pull Up A Chair event.

Will I feel awkward if I attend on my own?

Absolutely not! We have lovely, friendly, hosts who make everyone feel welcome.

Sometimes I think I’ve met everyone in the community – will I meet new people at your Pull Up A Chair dinner? 

We try very hard to achieve a mix of different people; they may or may not be JJunction members. They may be active in the community or not affiliated at all. The thing all guests have in common is that they are single, looking to meet someone and are open to give Pull Up A Chair a go.

We don’t know who you may have previously met, however, Pull Up A Chair dinners, because they are small, intimate and relaxed often brings out another side to someone’s personality that you won’t get to see at a big party. Sometimes you might think you know someone but until you sit and chat to them one-on-one, you really don’t know them at all.

How do I register for JJunction Pull Up A Chair?

Just click on the Register button and fill in your details.   You can choose to attend or not, but an early response is essential as our events are popular and the limited spaces fill up fast.

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