Thank you for your interest in being a JJunction matchmaker. So we can get to know you better, please fill in the volunteer application form 

Volunteer Application Form

  • Please supply your full name
    Please select as many roles as appeal to you. We will discuss the roles with you to help you decide which one you are most suited to and which ones will fit in with your availability.
  • If you have been involved in volunteer work before please tell us about it. Which organistion(s), what sort of voluteer work did you do, how long were you a volunteer, etc.
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY

After you’ve completed the form please feel free to email us at to arrange a meeting to discuss our different volunteer roles.

Our matchmakers commitment

Matchmaker Criteria

✔ I am married or in a permanent long term relationship

✔ I have at least 6 hours available each week to dedicate to matchmaking

✔ I have my own computer and internet access and I am confident on internet browsing and emails

✔ I am prepared to volunteer for the next 12 months as a matchmaker

✔   I am prepared to attend at least one matchmaking session every month

✔ I will not use the matchmaking role to build up a business or a private practice and I will not solicit JJunction members in any manner or for any reason other than for JJunction.

If you have answered yes to the above questions, please complete the matchmaker registration here and our chief matchmaker Michelle Lewis will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your registration. If you would like to discuss becoming a matchmaker before completing the registration call the office on 0422 607 678.

Each matchmaker makes the time to meet with their allocated members to get to know them better and to understand what they are looking for in a partner. From here, matchmakers are able to search our database to find other members who meet a member’s partner criteria. When a suitable person is found, the matchmaker contacts the other member’s matchmaker by email to propose the match. If both matchmakers agree, the matchmaker makes the match. Matchmakers will then follow-up with their members after they have met their proposed match to determine how the meeting went.

So you think you may want to be a matchmaker with JJunction?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a matchmaker for JJunction. We are always keen to hear from community members who have an interest in matchmaking.

JJunction is not a dating site, and neither is it a traditional Shidduch service. It is a mix between the two, designed to serve the society we live in today.

It is aimed at Jewish singles of all religious affiliations, observance and lifestyle with the objective of bringing Jewish people together with a view to marriage.

Our members have joined JJunction because they need our help! They have taken the time to fill out the detailed survey and join. That is a huge step for our members, and they are counting on JJunction’s professional guidance. These people have hopes and dreams of finding someone special and it is our task to help them realise those dreams.

Being a matchmaker is an important responsibility. You have a commitment to your members. Your work with JJunction is vitally important for the community and Jewish continuity.

There are no words to describe the feeling of connecting with people in such a personal way and knowing that through your efforts you are enriching the lives of people within our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take to be a volunteer matchmaker?

You will need to allocate a minimum of six hours each week.

What will I be doing as a matchmaker?

Initially you will be interviewing your caseload of members. Once you have met all your members, your time will be spent finding and arranging suitable matches, following up with members after they have met and the associated record keeping necessary to keep your members’ computer files up to date.

What state do I need to live in?

JJ Introductions currently has matchmakers in Queensland, Victoria and NSW, although we are always in need of more in these states. We also need matchmakers to start in South Australia, Western Australia and the ACT.

Do I have to do this work at night?

You will want to set boundaries around the hours that you are available for your members to contact and meet you. Some members are only available to talk or meet in the evenings.

Do I need to be computer literate?

Yes, you need to be computer literate to be a matchmaker. You do need to have your own computer, know how to send and receive emails as well as being able to access the internet. We use a specific “matching” program which is accessed through the internet and we will provide the necessary training. There are people available to provide computer support and assistance and additional training if necessary.

How many matches do I need to make each week?

We expect you to make a minimum of three matches each week and have a caseload of at least six j-junction members. We ask that each member is matched at least once per month

Where do I interview my caseload members?

That is up to you. Some matchmakers choose to interview in a coffee shop or café close to their home or work. Others choose to interview in their home.

What happens to my members when I go on holidays?

We ask that all members are actively considered for a match once a month. If you are going on holidays, please try to find a suitable match for your members before you go away. Always let your people know you will be away. Please also try to give the j-junction office reasonable advance notice as well.