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What We Do

JJ Introductions provides a confidential and discreet introductions service based on the age old practice of matchmaking but with a modern twist.

Members complete an online questionnaire which provides us with information about each member and what they are looking for in a partner. Members are then interviewed so we can get to know them better and understand what’s most important to them. A matchmaker then searches our extensive database and proposes appropriate matches based on the criteria outlined by each member.

Proposed matches are then sent to the members for their consideration. If both members agree contact details are exchanged. It is then up to the members to arrange a time and place to meet.

Who Are We?

We are not an online dating service. We are discreet and confidential. There is NO BROWSING so your privacy is assured.

We currently have more than 2500 Australian members on our database. Our affiliation with Saw You at Sinai and JRetro Match’s parent company, Woodmere Asset Management, gives us access to over 40,000 Jewish singles globally.

Every member of  JJunction is pre-screened through a face-to-face interview before matching begins. This is what gives JJunction the edge.

Why Our Role is Important

There are approximately 31,000 single Jews over 20 years of age in Australia, of which:

15,000 are single (never married)

16,000 are separated/divorced/widowed

  • over 80% of singles are aged between 20 and 39
  • almost one third of the separated/divorced/widowed are aged between 45 and 59

Discussions with JJ Introduction members indicate that singles are ‘giving up’ looking for Jewish partners and are going out with non-Jews – but are also willing to explore JJ Introductions as another avenue to meeting people.

JJ Introductions aims to assist Jewish singles to meet partners with a view to marriage and children as well as create happy and successful lives for themselves, their families and their community. Working towards building Jewish homes with strong family values and ethics is paramount, not only in the Jewish community, but in society as a whole.

If there was ever a question as to the important role JJunction plays, take some time to read the latest report out of the USA

How Does it Work?

Please download the Member Services PDF for more information.

  • First you fill out our 5-step profile and upload a recent photo of yourself.
  • You will need to supply us with a referee who has known you personally for at least three years. We will call your referee so please tell them you have nominated them.
  •  You may choose whether or not your photo is to be shown to prospective matches. Our experience shows that it is more likely a match will be accepted when a photo accompanies the profile.
  • Gold members will be assigned a personal Jewish matchmaker.
  • Basic members will be assigned to the general matchmaking pool and will be interviewed by an admissions interviewer.
  • If you are a gold member your personal Matchmaker will get to know you better through a face-to-face meeting and subsequent phone calls and emails.
  • Basic members will have a meeting with an admissions interviewer before they are considered for matching.
  • There is NO GENERAL BROWSING. Your personal matchmaker searches the database and selects appropriate match suggestions based on your selected criteria such as  age range, education level, location, and a member’s religious affiliation.
  • You can then “accept” “hold” or “decline” the potential match through the JJunction system. Each member has seven days to accept, decline or hold a match.
  • When two members mutually approve a match, phone numbers are sent to both members to arrange a conversation and then plan a date. Men are encouraged to contact women within three (3) days of receiving the phone number. If he cannot call the woman, then he should contact the matchmaker to let her know when he will be calling. If women would like to make the initial contact this must be mentioned to your matchmaker.
  • Status updates (i.e. “spoke on phone”, “went on first date”, “dating exclusively”, “engaged”) can be made by you to inform the matchmaker of match progress.

Matchmakers are available to discuss how you can make your profile more appealing, to offer dating advice, answer general Jewish matchmaking questions and discuss particular match suggestions in detail for all gold members.

Why go it alone when you can have a personal matchmaker?