Marriage Preparation Course

A great investment in your marriage.

Presented by Jennifer Gavshon B.A. Social Work (Hons.) in association with j-junction Inc.

More important than the wedding guest list is the course that prepares you for all aspects of the marriage relationship; Much time, effort and money will go into the planning of your wedding, with tremendous emphasis on the day. You may choose to engage wedding planners, caterers, fashion stylists and photographers.
There is, however, little training to help you understand or prepare for married life itself.

Jennifer Gavshon

Jennifer Gavshon

This course focuses on the meaningful and significant life commitment you are making and is an investment that will have benefits far beyond your wedding day.

It offers the opportunity to obtain ideas and discuss alternatives to ensure your relationship has strong foundations, is creative and retains excitement.
Throughout the course, discussion is facilitated between couples as they consider and explore the different aspects of marriage. They develop skills to navigate through an ever-growing and changing relationship.

Goals of the course:

  • To develop an understanding of the uniqueness of your relationship
  • To recognise and build on the strengths in your relationship
  • To identify and develop effective methods for resolving differences, making decisions and arriving at solutions that work for both of you
  • To stimulate communication and build constructive communication patterns

Course content:

  • marriage expectations
  • communication
  • change, stress and conflict resolution
  • legal and financial aspects of marriage (this module is presented by a lawyer who has completed the course and has worked extensively with couples and addresses legal issues they face entering into marriage)
  • roles and responsibilities
  • values
  • family relationships
  • intimacy

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