About Pull Up A Chair

The idea behind Pull Up A Chair involves offering a place at a Shabbat dinner table to people who may not have weekly Shabbat dinners with family or friends and are interested in being part of this enduring Friday night tradition.

We knew it would be a great way for people to meet at small friendly dinners in private homes. It offered a relaxed, fun and organic way for people to make new friends in the community and enjoy the uniquely Jewish experience of a Friday night Shabbat dinner.

The first round of dinners on The Shabbat Project weekend in October 2015 turned out to such an outstanding success that JJunction has now launched Pull Up A Chair as a regular social event  in Sydney and we’d like to extend it to other cities around Australia.

JJunction encourages hosts to invite family and friends to come to a Friday night dinner. JJunction will then add guests who will be a good mix with the host’s invited guests.  If you are a host who has room at your table, JJunction will happily fill those spare chairs with a group as big or as small as you request.

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