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JJunction seeks to promote the concept of Jewish continuity throughout the community encouraging everyone to embrace their Jewish cultural heritage and traditions.


JJ Introductions is a discreet & professional introduction service based on the age-old practice of matchmaking using today’s technology. It’s confidential, personalised and unique.

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JJunction events works with Jewish community organisations throughout Australia and internationally to find exciting opportunities for young adults to meet. We are the leading hosts of Jewish speed dating events.

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JJ Education offers access to a range of courses designed to help you create happy, healthy relationships and provide the tools everyone needs to reach their own personal relationship goals.

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I was very impressed with my matchmaker… I had a positive experience during our meeting… The networking between the Matchmakers is wonderful. Thank you for your efforts.

KP, March 2009

Our matchmakers were so enthusiastic to meet with us, and the process was such a breeze. We would recommend J-junction to everyone, especially if you are looking to meet someone with strong values and character.

Monika Czeiger

Michelle immediately came across as a person easily approachable, so it made the initial interview more relaxing and open. The matches she selected were very close to compatible, until she successfully matched me. She remains in contact to catch up and find out if the match has continued to grow.


(He) proposed to me on the Accademia Bridge in Venice on the 25th of February, just after sunset, with his grandma’s ruby ring. I was very surprised. And I said “Yes, of course”. I’m very happy.


I’d had gone on a few dates from J-junction before I met Jeremy. On the first date we hit it off. As much as we had spoken about eventually getting married, when he did propose it was still such a surprise and an absolute joy.

Lindsay Pieterkosky

Dedicated to the memory of Simon Stein OAM ob-m

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